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USA digitizers endorses and comprehends that the designs, logos and patterns submitted by clients for digitization are all copyrights of their respective proprietors. However, USA digitizers constraints the right to use the few items for their allotment in case study or portfolios. It is solely for promotion purposes that includes exhibition of digitized embroidery, demonstration of quality of work and marketing strategy. These items include digitized artwork, digitized files and embroidered samples.


It is comprehended that by submitting your logos to USA digitizers, you have received all licenses and permissions required for the use of any design or logo. It is necessary as the logos and designs are protected by trademarks, patents and copyrights. To avoid any legal issues in future execution of this step is extremely necessary and mandatory for all our users. By placing an order on our website, you acknowledge to hold USA digitizers harmless against all legal losses. Our partners, agents, affiliates and employees will not be held responsible in any case of damages and legal fees charged by the authorities due to infringements. It is entirely your responsibility to validate your designs before placing an order to the USA digitizers. You are required to obtain all legal papers prior to production. USA digitizers is not answerable to any damaged textiles.


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