Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

USA digitizer is dedicated to keeping the information of its users confidential. We respect the privacy of every individual who is a part of our website or app. Therefore, we consider it our sole duty to protect the personal information our customers trust us with. Their security is our number one priority.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to make aware our clients with the importance and reasons of collecting their personal information. We do not share or publish your personal information with any third party. Your information is not released to any other organization. We collect your personal information for legal uses only and utilize the information you provide ethically and legally. We are, solely, the owners of your personal details. Under any circumstances whatsoever, we don't sell, trade, rent or give away your particulars to any party without your consent or the consent of law.

USA digitizers may contact their clients for some promotional purposes.

Contact Form:

We provide a contact on our website through which we collect some details of your personal identity. The sole purpose is to respond to you on the given contact information when you send us a query or place an order.

Making an Order/ Quote:

When you make an order or request a quote, we collect your personal particulars. It is solely for the professional purpose only. The reason behind collecting your info is to contact you regarding the order you placed.

Trademark and Copyright logos:

The artwork clients provide is not in, anyway, original. However, we consider it our customers' right to send us those logos. The logos are sent to us for reproduction, only. Our company will not assume any liability in any trademark or dispute issue. The client or the purchaser agrees to claim liability for any actions or demands brought against us, the company, related to copyrights infringement or any aspect related to patents.

Designs available on the Website:

The designs displayed on the website are a sample of our digitization. These designs are not on sale at any cost.

Encryption of Client's personal Information:

We use software called Secure Sockets layer (SSL) that is used on an industrial scale for secure e-commerce transactions. It encrypts your personal information and prevents it from being read when it is traveling online.

Contact Us:

In case you have any query regarding the privacy policy, feel free to contact us at our email or call us on 1-703-349-2270

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