3D Puff


We have hired a group of talented, passionate and devoted workers to create the best possible designs for our clients. Among a large number of services that are provided by our brand, we offer a unique and complex service of creating 3D puff embroidery designs.

What is 3D puff?

3D puff, in other words, is known as puff embroidery or 3D embroidery. It is a special sort of embroidery that creates a 3D effect on the design. It, basically, 'puffs up" or "raises" the design. Puffing and raising converts a simple image into a three-dimensional creation.

The difference between 3D and 2D designs:

The difference between an ordinary design and 3D design is the addition of foam. When creating a 3D design, you can basically sew the design on the top of foam that is about 2mm to 3mm thick. This puff is responsible for creating a 3D effect. The stitch density of a 3D puff is much denser than an ordinary embroidered design as it requires a bigger surface area. The larger the surface area, the more prominent the image becomes.

Necessary details to be provided:

The most necessary step to take while creating 3D embroidery is to make sure it is digitized differently than ordinary embroidery. Otherwise, the machine won't be able to recognize the command we will insert in it that says, "Jump".

The files, forwarded by our clients for digitization, are required to be made specifically for 3D embroidery otherwise the machine won't be able to read it. The file should have the necessary information required to complete the process. The details necessary for the execution of the whole activity include size, shape, length and color of the design.

Why consider 3D puff in USA Digitizers?

Although we offer a wide range of designs, we consider 3D puff to be more popular among our clients. 3D puff creates a huge impact on the market you are utilizing your designs in. USA digitizers have years of experience in creating the flawless designs for your brand. You can request variations in the designs you send and within 8 hours, we will deliver you your desired design. USA digitizers believe in submitting perfectly stitched work without any errors. The designs are tested before they are sent to the clients which eradicate all possibilities of a creating a bad impression on the client. We value our clients' orders and make all possible efforts to produce the best 3D embroidery.

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